Henry Hodges, Sam Hodges, John R.A. Tucker, John Yates, James Savage, Albert Roberts met in a tool shed near the Henry Hodges estate Sunday May 24, 1868 to establish a church.  In 1870, a building site was selected in a centrally located pine grove that was owned by John R.A. Tucker.  He agreed for a church building to be built there with the understanding he would make the deeds when the church was operating properly.

 The men began planning and set work days when possible to clear the land.  They built a log building to have services and was also used as a school; later a wild woods fire destroyed it.  In the mean time services were held in homes (generally the Tucker home) with Brother Savage preaching.  On workdays the wives would pack lunch baskets and lent a helping hand.  While they ate their meal, Brother Savage would hold a service.

 In 1871, the church was organized at the home of John R.A. Tucker, twelve charter members were present - Jackson and Poly Ann Osteen, Henry and Penelope Hodges, Sam and Samantha Hodges, John R.A. and Sarah Tucker, James W. and Elizabeth Savage and Albert and Dorie Roberts.  Brother Williams, Brother Yates and Brother Savage organized the church.

 The building was completed and they needed an ordained preacher for the church to be in order.   They called Brother R.W. Lawton from Oviedo to Pastor the Church.  His only mode of  transportation was to walk to church once a month until the church could buy him a horse.

 In 1876, Brother Tucker deeded the four acres of pine grove to the church.  About 1890, the second church was built with rough sawed pine lumber from a mill in Jacksonville.  The lumber was brought down the St Johns River in a motor launch to Lake Kane and hauled out by oxen and wagon to the church location.

 The third building that we currently use was built in the time-frame of 1906 to 1908.  The second building was moved on skids about one mile to the Hodges property and is part of home where Nancy Melvina Hodges lives today.


Pastors thru the years:

John B. Yates
Jim Savage 
Oscar Williams 1909                     
Joseph Lawton 
Ed Taylor 
Brother Poe 
Muria Taylor 
E.C. Gibture 
Grover Sparkman 
Brother Stanford 
W.W. Hancock 
Joe Raulerson 
E.J. Prevat 
Floyd Cox 
J..P. Dawson 
Brother Williams
Walter Lanier   

Brother Dawling 
Henry Usher 
Brother Siminane 
Brother Jennings 
Brother Scharbour   
R.A Guy 
Brother Johns 
Johnnie Kilpatrick 
Brother Simons 
Jim Graw 
John McDougle
William Warren 1956
A. C. Stancil 1957
J. D Streetman 1972
Coy Talley 1968-1974 [2 times]
Andrew "Buster" Phillips [Asst] 
John D. Canada 1958-1989 [4 times] 
Mark A. Clark 1989 - May 2012

David Slone 2014-2018

  September 2018  
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