Enjoying the warmth of spring and blooming flowers reminds us of the power of life. But Easter holds more. Easter is more. It is about dormant hearts waking up to hope. It is a celebration of wholeness from devastation and victory over brokenness. Easter is defined by Jesus’ love for us! Easter is the true story of Jesus crucified on the cross for our sins, rising from the dead three days later, and offering us the same living power that dwelled inside of Him.
Have you ever wondered why you carry the deep-seated longing to be known, loved, and accepted? Have you ever felt the need to belong? All of us have. It’s what makes us human. God knows these emotions because they originated in Him. He wants to share life with you.
Prayer is so powerful because of who is at the other end of the conversation. Imagine the difference between talking to the postman and talking to the President. Everything changes when we realize who is listening. We are able to talk to the Creator of the heavens and the earth.
Pastor Peter O’Driscoll and his wife Isabel have served in Christian ministry for more than 30 years. They met at Liberty University where he graduated with a Pastoral Ministries degree and she with Counseling. He pastored and worked with local churches in the area of evangelism and outreach also serving through the Open Air Campaigners organization. In the early 2000’s , they answered God’s call to begin a Saturday church for the forgotten children living in poverty in Orlando. Fifteen years later, they and their 3 (now grown) children along with thousands of volunteers have invested in the lives of more than 50,000 children from the poorest areas in Orlando.
This book is a compilation of thirty short articles, religious in nature, on a wide variety of subjects. The articles include such subjects as Atheists, Baptist Heritage, The Call to Preach, Church Music, Closed Communion, Cremation, Grieving, Heaven, Sabbath Day, Salvation, Scientology, Suicide, Women Preachers, and more. Each article is approximately three pages long. The book is an easy read. Born in Arkansas. Attended UALR and Missionary Baptist Seminary in Little Rock. Was pastor of Landmark Baptist Church in Indianapolis for thirty years. Worked with the Macedonian Missionary service of Polk City, Florida, for nine years. Was president of Emmaus Baptist College in Brandon, Florida, for eleven years. Received B.A. and honorary D.D. degrees from Florida Baptist College in Lakeland, Florida. Received M.A. and D. Min. degrees from Heritage Baptist University in Greenwood, Indiana. Has written "A Biblical Study of Tongues," Reflections: A Collection of Short Articles," and two Bible study books that have been translated and used in over a dozen languages. He has taught, lectured, and preached in sixteen states and six foreign countries.
Since 1969, CLA has been providing free legal assistance to Bible-believing churches and Christians who are experiencing difficulty in practicing their religious faith because of governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition in one form or another.
  January 2020  
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