Rick Downing

We are excited to have Ricky Downing speaking for us. Please make him welcome.

Ricky felt a possible calling on his life in 2004. He spoke with his pastor as well as others involved in ministry and prayerfully questioned the calling. They prayed about the calling with him, then scheduled his first sermon to be preached at his church, approximately two weeks later.

It was that night that God lead him to preach his word and removed all doubt of whether or not he was experiencing a calling to preach. Later in the year 2004 and after going through a basic bible doctrine study co-ordinated by the pastor, he was licensed to preach the gospel.

Ricky has successfully completed, several in house doctrinal studies of numerous books of the Bible, and has also been involved in several sessions of Christian based counseling and leadership studies under Pastor David Downing at Central Baptist Church where he is a member for the last 15 years.

Since then, Ricky has preached when asked to do so. He is confident that God called him to preach, but as of now he is not felt a calling to be a pastor/teacher of a church. Although that is not something he would dare rule out as a possibility, the opportunity has not presented itself for him to do so, at this time.

He has filled in numerous times at several churches in the area, including Cherry Sink Baptist in Madison County, Scrubb Creek Baptist Church in Old Town , Lydia Baptist Church in Cross City, Cross Roads Baptist Church Old Town, Kendrick Baptist Church in Ocala and Central Baptist Church.

Ricky is confident that he is called of God, not of men. His qualifications, are of God, not of men. He has been studying and dividing of the Word through The Holy Spirit and a well respected pastor/teacher.

Ricky desire is to please God and not to be the pleaser of men. His preaching and teaching is that which is given to him of God; to present his word and his salvation through grace, by faith and to warn against false doctrine and the eternal fate of those who reject his son Jesus Christ as savior.

   August 2019   
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